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Why More Patients Don’t Say “Yes” To Care They Want & Need

In today’s economy, more patients than ever before are seeking affordable ways to receive the care they want and need. The number of cash paying patients has declined, banks have tightened their lending standards to the point where many patients no longer qualify for financing and insurance typically will not be enough. If you are interested in Ultimate Merchant Providers you need to visit this site.

Dental & Healthcare Professionals Are Left With Two Options

1. Let patients walk out the door, resulting in a significant loss of income Patients leaving with undone treatment results in a decrease in patient satisfaction and over time becomes a significant loss of income.
2. Extend short term payment options—conventional in-house financing This limits how far you can extend terms resulting in many who cannot afford the monthly payment. Patients making payments to your practice also results in a high-risk of late & defaulting payments.

Comprehensive Finance’s Full Service Solution

With Comprehensive Finance, you now have the means to make your treatments and procedures more affordable to the average budget without discounting your fees; enabling you to help more patients than ever before while also increasing your profitability per procedure with minimal risk. We help you to determine a patient's "Payment-Worthiness™", and establish your own "Self-Directed Patient Financing™".

Benefits to You, Your Practice, and Your Patients

  • Instant credit and checking account status verification
  • Safe & secure automated payment processing
  • Integrated billing and collections administration
  • Credit bureau reporting & collections service

You Are In Control

  • Approvals and denials based on a patient’s checking & credit history
  • Payment terms up to 60 months
  • You set the interest rates
  • Credit bureau reporting & collections service

Steps to Becoming a Provider

  1. View the 15 min recorded webinar on our website (Webinars Tab)
  2. Call us to get started! 866-964-4727

Becoming a provider is easy! Simply contact us and we will send you everything you need to get started. Once you are ready to go, your personal Account Advisor will work directly with your team to implement the program in your practice so you can help more patients afford the care they need!